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Originally Posted by matty12h View Post
Haha, nice, one more question. Are the airsoft guns cheaper in that section? Because it did sort of feel Mach 1 was overpriced a little.

Shall I message you for any more questions?
Mach 1 have decent pricing actually. If you're comparing Canadian airsoft prices to foreign prices, you're in for some sticker shock that's for sure. We can often expect to pay 2x or more.

The guns you see online and being sold to the general public with clear receivers are low to mid-grade guns from G&G and ICS. Not bad guns overall. Internally, they're exactly the same as their more expensive all-metal models, but with clear lowers and lower grade externals to keep the price down. Still, they're a lot better than the more commonly available Aftermath and Tactical Force stuff you normally see, and light years ahead of the all clear junk.

Once age-verified, you'll have access to not only clear, but all black guns not normally available to the general public. Those do cost more, and expect to pay 2-3x the price you'd see on a foreign site. That's just the way airsoft is in Canada. It's expensive. You can expect to pay in the $325-400 for a new, all-black JG gun (depending on the model). You can expect $500+ for Tokyo Marui or an all-metal Classic Army. Often, it's better to look at used guns, because you'll often get upgraded guns with accessories or extra mags, batteries, etc for cheaper than the cost of the same gun new.
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