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You can pretty much find any model of gun you're looking for. Some rarer than others but they do pop up sometimes.

Armalites and AK's are the standard ones you'll find everywhere and are pretty commonplace.
You can sometimes pick up things like G36 and MP5's which I've found to not pop up as often.
Even rarer are guns like the AUG, P90, SA80 which sometimes do pop up.

Prices range from $300-2000+ depending in the package and what's included.

Head over to the local Op-For or BCAC forums. I believe they are holding an FNG day ("boot camp") soon. If you ask nicely you might be able to feel and shoot some of the guns other players own so you can better decide what you like. I don't think you need a gun before going to the FNG day but if not then see if you can secure a rental from someone (just ask on BCAC or Op-For). Also "3quip airsoft" does rentals and gundoc work (3qiup is run by Kampfer)
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