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lol jeese guys.

1) anyone who went and say, formatted or spent the night searching for new uber viruses etc - seriously u guys are idiots - u know anything about computes ud know that a fucked up webby can't be done by an automated virus - far to complicated to switch www. addresses that specifically without human control - then take over everyone who logs into that website getting round every single virus program ever invented... need i go on lol?

2) anyone who did this and also had a decent virus scanner and firewall - even bigger idiot

3) anyone who thinks their life has been destroyed by not having access to ASC for 1 bloody night - even bigger bigger idiot

lol - guys relax - our shit is safe and when u think about it - I'm sure the flamers are just pissed that they were taken in like the rerst of us haha

nice one ASC! :P
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