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Yes it was an April Fools joke. All your passwords are safe and the way the boards work they won't accept data from domains they are not supposed to be on (which is why you were able to log on via secure). We've been planning it for a few months. It was supposed to be a round robin between 4 sites, Arnies Airsoft, NL Airsoft, Airsoft Retreat and Airsoft Canada. The admin of NL Airsoft had a death in the family and couldn't participate (our thoughts are with you Ronald). Because Arnies Airsoft is in GMT (London, UK) we started earlier, (it helped confuse people for a bit too).

I came up with the idea from the April Fools joke that XKCD, Questionable Content and Dinosaur Comics played last year. I pitched it to everyone else and they thought it was funny and epic.

The redirects were supposed to be going from Arnies to ASR to ASC, how ever some how Arnies' redirect wasn't allowing traffic to stop at his site so ASR and ASC pointed at each other.

The idea of ASR buying ASC well that was something adlibbed by someone else and I thought it was hilarious so I ran with it. I think Snicker from ASR had already gone to bed at that time.

At this point I've returned the ASC DNS entries to the proper numbers and things should be back to normal fairly soon.

I apologize to those of you that freaked out about the joke. There was no virus, no trojan, no hostile take over, your passwords and PMs are safe.

Jokes that got rejected: shutting down the site and saying that the RCMP seized the server - that's not going to happen, ever. Jarek from RedDragon Airsoft (or what ever it's called) buying ASC - I'm not sure I want to be responsible for what would happen to him. Airsoft officially banned, turn in your guns now - again not ever going to be an April Fools joke. There's others but they get less and less funny.
Have a great day everyone.

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