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Whatever , I'll see you on a field somewhere, you won't see me, then we'll see how honorable you are when my single (under 400fps measured with a .20 bb calibrated for humidity and rotation of the planet) bb bounces off your chest, play on or call out, we'll see gentlemen.
Lololol "humidity and rotation of the planet"? Lay off the COD4. A mosquito flying into your bb's flight path is more likely to affect your shot than that stuff, you're not going to be taking shots over 100 meters.

BTW, what 35 year old uses the phrase "straight up"? And loses his cool that quickly for that matter. Ah well.

And you should be looking at it from Joules, not ft/s. Ft/s is a dependent variable, whereas Joules is independent in regards to the output capacity of an airsoft gun. Your friend's SCAR shooting 380 on .25's is always going to put forth 1.7~ joules. (Formula here:
This means that with .2 gram bb's your friends gun is shooting at about 430 ft/s, which is too hot for most fields. (Step 1:, Step 2:

That was kind of a repeat of what Crunch posted, but I went to all that trouble so I'm keeping it there
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