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Originally Posted by Malice Army View Post
So what is my buddy supposed to do with his SCAR its brand new, lith-ion battery, kit cost him a thousand bucks. Chrono'd with a radar chrony with .25 double polished at 380 fps. How are you supposed to lower that? They aren't adjustable like paintball guns
Try a weaker spring? Airsoft guns are, in fact, very adjustable and modifiable. By the same token, why did your friend drop that much money of a gun he's not allowed to use? You guys need to check your local fields FPS limits and purchase airsoft equipment accordingly. Also, as far as being a noob, I think a noob here is someone who is not known to the community. You can be the best airsoft sniper known to man, but the fact is, the people on this forum (which is a fair chunk of canadian airsofters) Don't know you, and don't know how good of a sniper you or your friend are. If you and your friend want to become recognized as snipers, I would recommend coming out to some ASC associated games as riflemen, and get to know the community, and let them see how well you guys use proper trigger control, how well you follow mercy rules, and all that. Dammit, everything i've said has already been explained a helluva lot better by everyone else! lol

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