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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Making a post asking for a gun in the non-AV section is a violation of the rules and will result in infraction points against you. I suggest you edit your post.

And why don't you just meet with an age verifier. There are assloads of them in the Toronto area. Then you'll have access to good guns. You're better off buying 1 good gun that will last than multiple shit ones that will break as soon as you get them.

That being said, Aftermath Kraken and Broxa are actually not bad guns - when they work. However, they tend to be hit-or-miss... You could have one that shoots tens of thousands of rounds without issue, or get one that won't shoot off 10 shots before breaking. Buyer beware.
Thanks crunchmeister... i have sent some one a pm about age verification but i havent heard back so im gonna wait a few weeks and meet with whisper_kill he will verify me..i guess i missed that rule when i read them...
and styrak i mean im gonna be doing drills and shooting ...aim practice
ive already started doing the regular drop's, rolls, somersaults....etc but with out a gun...

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