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Originally Posted by Sadiztix View Post
gza was selling his akm wood kit after a butcher sale on the forums
search it up
might still be up for grabs slim
His is a plastic set. It's damn nice for a plastic set though.

Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
Buy real-steel foregrips....20 minutes or less with a dremel makes them fit perfect.
Agreed. A real AKM (or any other stock meant for a regular stamped receiver) is easier to fit then on to a TM, as the Cyma receiver angle is is 90 degrees, it's lower tang is shorter (less cutting/dremelling/etc) and upper tang sits deeper.

Originally Posted by Sadiztix View Post
actually cyma have a new full steel version out
VFC/Inokatsu clone
the cm048m
Half steel.
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