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Nice attittude, I asked a simple question that is reoccurring throughout, and YOU did nothing to answer my question CRUNCHwhatever. Other members did and thanks to them. I assume you are a mod or something , but you where combative and a dick in my opinion. I haven't upgraded my gun at all and was wondering what the deal was when to me 300fps is 300fps no matter the weight. Thanks to the guys that explained things about the embedding issue, never thought of that , since the impact of a paintball is disappatted by it breaking on you.
Crunchmeister, get a life, way to encourage people into the sport/hobby , loser

Just to clarify:

You didn't seem to catch what he was saying earlier. Actually, you are wrong. A .20 BB traveling at 350 FPS will have ALOT less energy than a .40 BB traveling the same speed.

A comparison in 'Power': If my calculations are correct... The .40 at 350 FPS would be equivalent (In energy/power at the muzzle) to having a .20 traveling approximately 495 FPS. If you wanted the .40 to have the same 'power' as the .20, you would need to have the .40 shooting at 247 FPS.

There is a LARGE difference. Energy/power is the real detirmining factor for 'danger'. Also, as it has been said... A heavier BB will also keep its energy longer/farther. (Aswell as remaining more stable at high velocities.)

Another thing making Airsoft more dangerous... An Airsoft BB will have alot less contact surface when compared to a Paintball. This means less area that the force of the BB can travel through.

You can see the difference with say... A nail, compared to a bed of nails. Slightly different idea, but the concept is there. With one nail, it would pierce your skin if you laid on it. With say 1000 nails, you could lay on them harm free. I am guessing with the numbers, but I'm sure you've all seen the 'trick'. This is exaggerated more by the BB not breaking on contact like a paintball.
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