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Originally Posted by hull_b View Post
My two points will take a year to come off... I honetly didnt know a bump would give them to me.

The rules for classifieds are clearly posted at the top of every Classified section. You should take a moment to read them.

1. Bumps

Bumps are to be no sooner then 7 days from your last post. If you bump for some one else under the 7 days you're looking at getting the bumping warning.

If you have new information to add then please edit your original post.
Examples of this are: new items to be sold, price changes, items sold, adding pictures.

Bumping early does result in an infraction, and repeated abuse can and does lead to a temp ban typically of 1 to 3 weeks. Continued abuse after this can lead to loss of age verification, and/or banning from the site.

Additional forum rules can be found in the FAQ
Airsoft Canada Forum Rules Updated 2008 - Airsoft Canada
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