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Originally Posted by Hades View Post
Never had a problem with CP before today. I guess it was a lazy delivery person seeing I was in the kitchen cooking breakfest, heard the mail guy put shit in my mailbox which is 10 feet away from the kitchen. Went to check 2 mins later and low and behold a delivery notice card saying no anwser and to pick up my package tomorrow. Lazy bastard did not even knock.
Dude. This is ALL I get. Many times I've been in the kitchen and see him walk by. It's really annoying. However, I only live 5 mins from the post office, and in most cases, If I go back around 4-5 pm the same day, my stuff is there.

But seriously, do your job to the fullest. A fricking knock on the window (which is beside the mailbox) isn't hard.
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