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redwolf says they'll give you back your $ if anything gets siezed (other than guns/recievers if you live in a country like canada) They should refund you if you can't get it through.

From redwolf FAQ.
What kinds of guarantee are offered?
Unless airsoft is illegal in your country, we offer a MONEY-BACK guarantee that you will receive your order and that customs does not seize it. If a seizure does occur, we give you your money back or ship a replacement!

We do not offer a guarantee on the products themselves since improper use can break a product very quickly. That's why you should read the instructions carefully before using your product. Should you find damage or problems with your purchase, please contact us within 24 hours for immediate action.

We cannot offer warranty periods beyond that since we cannot control how the gun or accessories are used.

Any problem reports made after 24 hours will not be honored by RedWolf Airsoft.

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