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CYMA akm metal

Hi guy, just bought my first AEG. The model I found was the .036 AKM of CYMA. Of course, having the choice, I would have choosen the .048 AK-47 with wood and metal. But being in Canada, things are differents.

There is plenty of good reviews out there on the web of the CYMA ak clones already. So I will give only my opinion.

External It looks very good for a cheap clone. The fake wood look is very convincing. But plastic remain plastic. There are some nicks and scratchs on the metal receiver, nothing some loves or a new paint can't cover. I read before buying it about the scratch under the selector. But keeping in mind that it is a cheap clone, I'm still very satisfied. A downpoint is the full plastic bright orange magazine that I find very, very cheap. Almost everything that should be metal is metal, but you get this very lightweight cheap mag. It does feed well but I already ordered an Echo 1 metal hi capa.

The thread at the end of the outer barrel is - clockwise and remove easily to attach a silencer.

Internal I didn't went in the gear box since I have no experience yet but I did disassemble the gun in two half. It is preaty easy to do so, removing the inner barrel is easy too. Hop up adjust with a lever. Also the large batterie fit very thight in the stock.

Accessories The gun come with an outdated large 8.2v 1200mah NiCd batterie. The charger is a 220v european standard so you will need a 5$ transformer to fit it to 110v. It comes with a cleaning rod that, yes, broke in my inner barrel while cleaning (my bad).

Performance The gun fire at 470fps max, but usualy turn around 460fps. This is with hop up to off position. I didn't catch of to test rof but it says around 700-800 rpm with a 8.2v.

Upgrades The things I wood like are:

- AKM wood kit (it can't seem to exist if you read on the net that the rear of the CYMA akm receiver does not fit 99.9% of the wood kit out there. I will in the end order a wood kit an work it to make it fit, sanding and wood filling). Ordered the ak-47 G&P Wood kit + AK-47 G&P lower and uper receiver

- 10.8v NiMh 3600mah.

- PSOP scope

- PSB1 silencer.

This what it look likes with a new paint job and an Echo 1 metal hi capa magazine

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