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Helping Airsoft

So, I've been trying to find out why the black reciever guns aren't allowed in Canada but haven't found an answer. I have however put myself into a civilians shoes and though about it. I'd like someone else to help me gather all the details, because I want to try a petition, along with some new rules, under which black guns could possibly be allowed back. I think people are scared because it could be a real gun, crime could be committed with a fake gun(airsoft), and it scares people. Now my idea was, get a petition written up(once i gather all the facts and find out what you guys want) and get at least 3000 signatures. My ideas are to show what you guys have done to make this sport your own, (age verification, secluded very private games to not scare public, immature users banned etc), provide evidence of replicas already in canada widely available for public use(convenience stores have capguns with working slides for crying out loud), and possibly create a licensing system for AS guns, in which one must obtain a license and license number to order, or buy any non clear airsoft guns.

I am completely ready to talk to strangers on the street and try to get signatures for the petition, however, I won't go ahead with this without the go ahead from the majority of you here, because I don't want to accidentally make things worse. So I need people to tell me first off if this is a good idea, and I need links to laws, and names of people who introduced them. My dad who has a law degree, thinks i can do it, and I already have a mentor who works at queens park, and would gladly help me.

So, I need to know, do we want to do this or not, if so, we need links, laws, and any other info about the legality issues of airsoft such as statistics of crimes, etc.

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