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Mad Bull Dark Knight .25 Tracer BB Review

These tracers are awesome. I finally got a chance to play an indoor game with them and got a video firing a full mag. I've been using them for a couple of outdoor games in my regular mix to get a feel for them and to see how they differ from Bastard's or Metal Techs. They don't. I find them virtually identical to BB Bastard .25's. I haven't tried them (knowingly at least) against the Mad Bull .25g Precision IPSC Grade BB's.

Video below is with a stock TM AK spetsnaz (245fps w/.25's) with a Mad Bull 229mm TB, TM tracer unit (gen1)

If the room had been completely dark, you'd have been able to see them ricochet against the rear wall. The guys I was shooting at during the game said they continued to glow for quite some time after then landed on the ground.

Soldier Gear :: MVI_2264.flv video by Coach_ASC - Photobucket

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