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Pistols are definitely not required to play outdoors. They're merely a backup in case of stoppage of your primary. I've only really ever had to pull my pistol once in an outdoors game because I ran out of ammo. Of course, I HAVE pulled it a couple of times just because I could...

However, for CQB, they can come in quite handy. There are times when you're in a confined space and it's cumbersome to use an AEG, even a smaller SMG type. I used my TF11 (MAC 11 machine pistol) at Op Broadsword last week, and it proved to be a very valuable sidearm in a confined space.

Just a note on your mags - ditch the hi-cap mags and get low or mid-caps instead. Other than in small skirmishes, hi-cap mags usually aren't allowed in many games. Ditto for the C mag. Many games will have ammo restrictions and only allow you to carry the lower capacity mags.

Originally Posted by Sepulcrum View Post
oh yeah, I've seen mostly stock KSC glocks reach as far/further than many short to medium length AEGs
And I'm sure that would be mine you're referring to there. The only performance mod I've got on it is a Madbull Black Python tightbore. And yes, that little Glock kicks all forms of ass and has a stupid long range and great accuracy out to about 75 feet.
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