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I dont know my way around Toronto or the GTA but I believe that the place to play is TTAC which is an indoor field so the tactical swat look should be fine.

However I have heard of outdoors games so it really depends on where you think you'll be playing most.

There usually aren't ammo limits for skirmish games so you can run hi-caps mid-caps, low-caps, and as many as you want. Whatever it's fine, Where it gets tricky though is when you play at larger milsim and scenario games. The individual games may have ammo limits for example 8 low-caps or 3 mid-caps and no hi-caps allowed.

Also keep in mind that hi-caps are generally looked down upon. They rattle (because it's feeding from a well and not spring fed like in the mid or low caps), and you also have to wind them constantly.

I say to be safe buy a box of 10 low-cap mags and pick up a few mid-caps. If you really want I believe that when you buy a gun they sometimes include a hi-cap mag so you don't really need to buy a hi-cap plus chances are you won't use 300 BB's in a single match.

Well for gloves depends how much you're willing to spend. I mean there ARE offering from places like 5.11 Tactical, Tactical Tailor, Wheelers/CP Gear and the like.

What I have at home (haven't tried it with my gun) is actually some Watson Gloves that I picked up from a hardware store for like $12 +tax (I swear though that they were meant for biking). If you pick up some low profile gloves you can probably leave the fingers on but for other gloves you might be better off cutting the fingers off.
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