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RICKBO, for your design, you could have a high strength wire attached to the object on top of the spring that drops down thru the spring and out the bottom of the device so you could pull down on that and it would reset, this way you wouldent run the risk of having the 45 coupling at the top flying off when you fire. It would also mean you dont have to carry something with you to reset the spring.

I have a bunch of PVC piping in my basement from when I was making potato cannons, I think im going to try this out now.

For the remote detonated claymores, you can buy a couple cheap remote controled cars and canabalize the servos from them to pull a pin, which means each controler detonates 2 mines.
Or if you dont want to carry a bunch of controllers around, you could buy a controler for a remote controlled plane, some can handle up to 8 servoes on one controler.
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