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How to get into airsoft

Hey everyone,

I'm gonna start off with an introduction, I'm 16 going on 17 and I've been playing tactical scenario paintball games for nearly 5 years, I currently play purely mag fed/limited ammo(max on a gun is 30rds), and work at CQB paintball in Toronto. I really prefer the tactical style of play, rather than most paintball games where its a sea of bright colours, big hoppers, and ridiculous ROF's. This is the reason why airsoft is seeming more and more appealing to me. It seems to be a more tactical wargame, and thats what I like.
Now, I completely understand that many of the members here feel that you should be at least 18 before entering the world of airsoft, and I agree, the level of realism on those things is ridiculous, and I've seen shittier paintball replicas taken by the police because of some stupid punk waving it around. I understand you guys dont want that kind of a bad rep for airsoft and i will abide by it and not buy airsoft until 18.

Now, my questions are, where could I start off to try airsoft once 18 and AV'd to make sure that I will enjoy what I'm so anxious to get into, how much money should i save to get a decent kit, and how often are airsoft games played, I see outlaw paintball played alot, and I'm wondering is airsoft the same, but more secret (Ex:abandoned facilities) or are there only a few big games a year.

Thanks alot,
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