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007 will sell to un AV'ed members but it just makes it easier if you are Verified to buy from him.

You should be able to do verification at Xtreme Tactics just ask around and see if there are any Verifiers around. All it involves is showing a piece of Government ID to prove you're 18+ (Which shouldn't be a problem in your case). This has no real legal bearing but most of us want to keep our stuff to 18+ so that stupid kids don't ruin it for us all.

007 for the purpose of us regular "civilians" only sell the clear guns. I'm not even sure if he can get in the "scary black guns" at all. That is unless he has some sort of pardon from the CFO to supply to LE or something like that but that's just speculation.

The only real place to get the black guns is the classifieds on here which you need to get AV'ed to access.

None of us are slamming on the clear Cansoft guns. In fact all you need is a can of spray paint and you'll be good to go (that is unless you want to keep the "active camo"). What we do slam on however is the cheap crappy clear ones you can get from Canadian Tire.

Also I don't think you can get that gun from buyairsoft. They're in the middle of a merger/take over I believe and they will be updating the whole site when the merger/take over is done (hopefully). Also they can't get those guns in Canada either, anything that's out of stock is out of stock permanently, doesn't matter what it says, it is out of stock permanently.

So as far as getting guns goes unverified, you're pretty much stuck to the clear cansoft which is actually pretty good for beginners IMO. As for the "scary black guns" you'll have to wait for Age Verification to go through before you can purchase from the classifieds.

What are you realistically looking to spend? Honestly?
For $120-180 you can get a Kraken which is surprisingly good after some preventative maintenance and minor upgrades.
$300-500 you're looking at the G&G cansoft line which are actually pretty good for what you're paying for them.
$400-800 these are the black guns you probably want, includes pretty much anything from TM, CA, G&P etc.
$2000+ is PTW (Professional Training Weapon) territory. These guns are actually used by LE and Armed Forces to train as they're that realistic. I've heard you can't tell the difference until you shoot the first BB, the weight and dimensions are exact to their Real Steel counterpart, and therefore will accept 99.999% of the real steel accessories.
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