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thanks for all the warm reply's.

regarding the clear receiver, every G&G gun at 007airsoft has them, and the other companies such as Tokyo marui, classic army and ICS are "not for civilian" and im guessing i cant buy them.

Im going to take a crack shot at this and guess that 007airsoft is a vendor that doesn't supply to un-age verified players? how would i go about becoming age verified? (I know i said i had read a lot on this site, but I seem to have forgotten this bit and i am for lack of a better term computer "slow") I know a few family relatives who live in Ontario, who would like to get into airsoft (men my age) and perhaps we could get together for some big events with everyone else.

and as to what danneichh said, where would i find the "normal" ones on 007airsoft? If i need to become verified before i venture any further, then i guess i have no choice!

edit: i have found what appears to be a much higher-quality gun that of the other two i previously mentioned, here. Would this be better? FPS isnt a big factor, as I could work that out in the months to come.


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