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Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't your location put you in the middle between 007 and Mach1?

They're both trusted dealers. They are both retailers affiliated with this site and would gladly help you out.

Another option if you want something more, is to meet up with an Age Verification rep in person to get your info so that you can have the cool age verified tag under your user name and will have access to the classifieds where the higher end stuff can be found.

As for speed limits, there are velocity reducers available which you can buy (or rent as another person said). There also is the downgrading but you'd usually want to keep it at a higher FPS and use the Velocity Reducer if able so that all you need to do is take it off the end and you're good to go for outdoors games. Low velocities put you at a marked disadvantage at outdoors games since you're effective range is reduced.

I have heard of the ICS with clear lowers having problems and not being "ICS" quality that the black ones have. People tend to recommend the G&G ones more. The advantage with the ICS though is that I believe they have a split mechbox design and it's apparently easier/faster to change springs.
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