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ICS CXP "concept" M4.

Hi guys, my name is Patrick and I am a retired vet (Canadian air force) looking to get into airsofting.

My son (who is under the age limit) told me to get started by coming here and read as much as I can. well after many hours of reading i decided I would join to ask you guys (who know a lot about airsofting i gather) about what gun i should buy to start out with! I am not concerned about money too much. I realize that this is an expensive hobby and that 200$ "investments" wont cut it. The gun I am looking at right now (I absolutely love the m4) is the cxp concept m4 made by ics. here. I know the importation laws regarding airsoft guns, and that site looks like it is able to ship to canada. (by the plastic lower receiver, i gather?)

Now, my real dilemma is whether or not I should buy the rifle previously linked, or the G&G "C.A.S" version M4 from 700airsoft. here.(second last from the bottom) The ics m4 is 410$, yet they dont display the gun's specifications, so I dont know if the speed is over the limit of my local playing field! (which is 350fps) On that note, the G&G m4 at 007airsoft is 10fps over the limit, but is also cheaper. One of my sons (who airsofts frequently at X-treme tactics) has told me that i could take it in to them and pay for a downgrade in the spring so i could play at the field. I don't mind buying either one, but which one should I buy? Is Mach1Airsoft a trusted dealer?

Thanks for any replies!

P.S: if there are any local players here in winnipeg who frequent X-treme tactics, feel free to PM me as I am seeking a group to play with and help my "entrance" into this sport a more pleasant one.

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