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Originally Posted by SharksRule View Post
All of that for some info....... So if your not age verified your not allowed to find out where to get airsoft guns from other people?
Yup, that's about it. You'll be able to get some of the lower end stuff, but nothing fully black, and nothing of really high quality.

Age Verifacation is a process by which you meet with a rep of these boards and show some ID that says you're 18 or older. This meeting has to be done in person.
How to Get Verified! Comment se faire vérifier! - Airsoft Canada

By the way, there is no such gun as a "Deagle". Please don't pollute these boards with Counter Strike lingo

Originally Posted by pabloski View Post
lol ye thats what i said but its the law.... if your under 18 ur not allowed to buy....
No, it isn't the law. Please don't spread false information.

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