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Almost no place will let you play for free. They need a field fee to keep running. Imagine, they buy a business license, insurance, set up bunkers, and other terrain only to let you go on their land to play for free?

Typically field fee's are pretty fair. $10-$25.

Teams can start themselves kind of. Just get a bunch of friends together and call yourself a team.

There's no "Team A vs Team B" like in hockey. Really, teams for when you're playing are determined when you're at the field. That is unless you decide to skirmish with another team which in that case you'll have "Team A vs Team B".

To get started you can read the links that were posted about starting out.

Technically yes you'd eventually have to be part of a "team" but used in a loose sense. Really it's more of a club, or regional community. Much like being in university, you're part of a "team" or club in the sense that you're all studying and all in university but that's kind of where it ends you can take different degree programmes and join different clubs (eg. Chess, Math, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Biology, etc.).

You'd be part of a club but from then on you can make a sub team with your friends or with people who want to achieve the same goals as you do (skirmish, speedball, military simulation, anything in between any of those, military tactics etc.).

Take for example someone from Calgary (sorry I know that the best and helps my analogy). I'd be part of Joint Operations Calgary and that's my club but then I can make a team within JOC for example "Team 123", or "Team qwerty", or something. You would belong to JOC but you'd also belong to the sub team. That being said you don't have to join any sub teams if you don't want to. You can do fine going through university without joining any clubs but joining a club makes the experience a lot funner and adds to your experience.
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