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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Thanks for the update Amoki.

From what I can see the gears are the same as the first gen, the motor gear still has a bearning. The wiring is different, and the addition of a mosfet is interesting. The new piston is promising although personal the idea of all metal teeth doesnt seem right in my head, but thats a personal thing. Piston head appears to be unchanged from first gen as well, as well as the motor. The spring guide still appears to be a hunk of metal although this one appears to be made out of different material than that of the first gens.

Im glad to see their making slight changes and improvements to it. For its price it was a quality AEG. The front end on mine did not wobble but that alot of other peoples did, the issue couldbe solved by tightening almost every screw the front end had, its nice to know they have simply just fixed the issue infactory.
Neg. Gears are not the same: - maybe the spur and the bevel (I sold my JG Gen 1 HK416 2 days ago and did a final maintenance the day before so I didn't do a side by side comparison), but the sector gear is definitely different, to work better with the new tappet plate design - or, at least, I think it is a new JG tappet plate..

I can't comment on the spring guide thing, but from memory they felt the same. They are both metal and will take M120 quite happily.

The screw tightening trick will not work well - I have read reviews from the net that people had broken RIS screws because of that. Using a small piece of coke can and wedge it between the RIS and the outer barrel is a more optimal way IMO.

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