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Originally Posted by Dougy View Post
I was wondering if anyone new a location around markham that u can play airsoft for free no admition fee's or anything like that, is there an avg team size or a requirment for teams?

Any advise for starting a team/and getting started in general would b much appresiated

i have a new electric rifle looks like an m4 and a backup pistol other then that lots of amo

thanks in advance

Im not sure if there is anywhere free to play in that area, the majority of fields do require an entry fee.

As for getting info on starting a team, the only advice I can offer is maybe to hit up an event for your area and ask some questions in person to some folks who are apart of a group.

Games and Events Schedule - Airsoft Canada

If you are interested about learning more about some groups in your area, try clicking the community tab at the top of this page, the tab should be located under the FAQ tab.

Actually I dont think that answered any of the OPs questions.

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