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Originally Posted by HaZarD SFD View Post
So everyone on here saying they dont deserve a second chance, you have never done something and wished you had a second chance?
I wish for all kinds of shit, man, but life doesn't give out any free handouts, and sometimes you just can't put the bullet back into the gun. That's part of being a responsible adult, actions bear consequence and you can't always make it right and expect the problem to go away with an "I'm sorry, mommy!"

They may deserve a second chance, but they aren't entitled to a second chance: it's up to them to prove they actually deserve it. Like I said before, those who've been on ASC long enough know the failure rate for people who do stuff that attracts the community's ire and then immediately turn around with a half-assed apology expecting all will be dandy. So if these guys are sincere, they need to go sit in the corner for a while, let this situation cool off, and come back in a year or two kitted out with their best behavior.
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