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Once must keep in mind that the majority of us players are quite a bit older and know the rules and laws pertaining to airsoft. Kids will be kids, and we've ALL done stupid shit as kids - some of us worse than others.

Now, I'm not justifying their actions in any way. Aside from being illegal on many levels, what they did was dumb beyond belief and dangerous, because innocent people passing by could have been hit and injured (yeah, a 1 in a million chance of a stray eye shot, but shit happens). And I agree they're lucky as shit that their games weren't greeted by the SWAT team with their "real toys".

Now they're been told (repeatedly) and raked over the coals well by many of you guys, and have removed their video. Now to see how they handle themselves once they've been informed of their wrongdoing. How it goes for them is dependent on what they do now.

However, it's not like we can police them anyway. Perhaps they'll just ignore us altogether and keep playing, but just not post videos of it anymore. Or maybe they'll wait till they're of age and actually attempt to attend real games. Regardless of how we disagree with their actions, there's little that we can do about it to stop them.

IMO, the real people to blame here are the parents anyway for letting the kids have these guns and run amuck in a public setting with them.
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