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Well.... That's a tough question. (Haven't seen the video yet).

I personally would let them play hesitantly and keep an eye on them for the first few games. If they're sincere in the apology I don't see a reason why not to, they're at least trying to apologize for their mistake and wanting to do things properly. Although sometimes an apology is not enough if it really was a big screw up.

That being said there might be an outcry from some players and it would split the community even more. We need to be united. Having half of us wanting to let them play and the other half wanting a ban for life will be counterproductive to our goal of having airsoft becoming more legal than it is at the current time. I stress unity because if we are split it just makes it that much harder.

There really is no good way to go about this without a shitfest occurring.
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