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I answered your question in my first post. You either chose to ignore the reply or simply don't have the capacity to understand. I suspect it's the latter. And I also directly and correctly answered your question about your friend's SCAR. But seems like you like to overlook things too.

And I'm sure everyone else here will agree that you've been the only one that's been combative and mouthy at every reply that didn't fit your preconceived notions. You came in here riding on a high horse trying to tell experienced players how things should be from the perspective of a paintballer, which is non-applicable to airsoft anyway.

I'm probably one of the most welcoming members here towards noobs (a quick search of my past posts will illustrate that). However, you came in here with a bigass chip on your shoulder. So feel free to leave at any time. Because I can see you quickly getting banned anyway. And with your shitty attitude, I can probably speak for most saying you wouldn't be wanted playing airsoft anyway.

And no, I'm not a mod or admin in any way. I'm just another member that has actually earned the respect of the community.

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