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Originally Posted by Malice Army View Post
just cause I'm listed as a "noob" on this board doesn't make it so. I understand about safe distances, you didn't answer the question, what makes 4-5 hits by a .2 bb@ 350fps safer than a single .4 bb the exact same velocity. Considering the operating velocity of paintball guns is 300fps and paintballs weigh grams rather than fractions of a gram. I played open class "pro" tournament paintball for 6 years, do you know what "bunkering" is? Thats point blank, multiple shots, ya it bleeds, I know all about that. And thats why I know proper engagement distances when its just for fun. Try getting off your high
horse. I asked a ballistics question. go flame someone else. I'm 35 years old so don't go there either
Who is it exactly that your getting all huffy at?
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