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Well, shooting .25 at 380 (about 425 with .2) is not game legal at all in most of Canada, so that's not even up for comparison.

People are not against snipers. They're against noobs starting out with high powered sniper rifles. Sniper rifles allow velocities typically up to 450 fps at most games. At velocities over 400 fps (with .2g), it becomes dangerous. You have the serious potential of not only breaking skin, but also embedding a BB in the skin and requiring medical attention to get it removed.

Typically, aisoft snipers are known and experienced members of the community who have proven themselves to be able to use a high powered gun safely. Experienced snipers regard minimum engagement distances, and are good enough shots to tag a person on their body or vest, rather than a shot on exposed skin. That's something a noob wouldn't know about or be able to pull off at range. And the fact you have to ask, despite the fact that it's posted in pretty much all sniper-related threads on this board just illustrates that point.

Now, with a low-powered sniper rifle shooting under 400 fps, it's not as much of a safety issue, but becomes an issue that the sniper will be useless. The sniper will be well within range of AEGs (a 'real' airsoft sniper will have a longer effective range than AEGs). Then the said noob sniper's 1 shot / 2-3 seconds becomes pretty useless when up against an AEG's 7+ rounds per second.

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