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BB Gun help

Ok... my uncle has a awesome bb Gun i think its the CP99 Compact Walther.. and i really want 1 since i used it and he said to buy 1 because he dont want me wasting this Co2 and ammo.. anyways.. i really want 1 and i would like your help since this is my first time knowing about BB guns. Anyways.. i did some research and i live in Canada.. so i cant buy online so this is where i need your help ill just ask a few questions and plz help.

1) Is there any RETAIL stores in canada that sell BB guns? I dont care how far it has to be in Ontario, Toronto tho.

2) Whats the best Newbie gun or Gun for starters.. i dont want a plastic 1 i want a metal one.

3) How long does co2 last on average? I know some times certian guns can use up alot like the blowbacks and other stuff that i dont know about.

4) Is there a difference in co2 brands? Cuz i can get a bunch at Candian tire for cheap or do some co2 last longer than others.. wat are some good brands to get and some to avoid?

5) same as 4.. is there a best "ammo" or just brand names

6) Is there a best gun maker or manufacturer? I heard of some major ones like daisy, walther , bretta, crosman and many more.. i spelt most of them wrong.. anyways what are some good manufactures on guns esp hand guns?

7) I think thats all i need to know so far.. ill list a few guns i looked at the internet of what i want.. btw plz suggest HANDGUNS only.. i dont want a sniper or ak lol..

Beretta PX4

Those are the ones iv been looking at youtube and reviews.. i know there are more out there but i just started looking at bb guns a week ago and i dont know whats th best so i ask u guys... anyways plz suggest some and tell me whats perfect to get for a starter.. plz no guns over 200 cdn
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