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Northern Ireland, how lovely. Was your father associated with Ukara?
Never been to the north myelf, but the south is quite nice from what I remeber.

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1) I read that airsoft guns in Canada must have clear plastic on it...would it be legal to get rid of the clear plastic and replace it with a something else? or would it be possible to spray paint over the clear area,so its not visible anymore?
Yes and no, for an airsoft gun to be legally imported into Canada its restricted reciever part must be made from distinguishable clear plastic. Once purchased, you can feel free to paint or swap out the part if you wish. Its a little more complicated than that but I will spare you the long winded details.

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2) Is there any airsoft clubs in Red Deer Alberta? if so could you pls provide me with a website.
There is fairly large sized community for airsofters in Alberta, and a good amount of players from the Red Deer area. The forum of the majority of Calgary and surrounding area would be, unfortunetly I am uncertain if the Red Deer group has their own boards.

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3) What requirements do you need to be able to participate in games? would a person under the age of 18 be able to participate in events, if their parents are with them playing?
Requirements are different for each host that hosts a game, some games are required to be 18 plus only, some will allow as young as 16 and some will allow under 18 with the participation of a parent. Theres no definate way to say what each and every games rules are as they do differ through out the different regions.

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4) Which website is the most reliable to purchase airsoft guns+equipment etc.
There are a few websites in Canada at this time, as well as this website. However the majority of retailers in Canada require that a person be 18 years of age or older to purchase from them. If you and your father are interested in discovering who some of these online retailers are, he should create an account here at ASC and apply for age verifacation.

How to Get Verified! Comment se faire vérifier! - Airsoft Canada

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