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Originally Posted by Aegiis View Post
Wheeler (CP Gear) : Great coms, they informed me every step of the way about progression of my order, fast shipping, good prices for stuff and freight. Even got a small handwritten note in the package. Recommanded.
I can vouch for wheelers too. Their building is a 15 min drive from my house :P
Best gear I have EVER owned. I still use the backpack I got in grade 6 from them, I am now in college, thats 7 years of heavy text books and not a simgle problem! I also still have my backpack that my parents got me from there when I was in kindergarden! Also no problems and used on a weekly basis.

On a more AS related vouch - I have many pouches and a veriaty of other stuff from them that I can only give the best reviews.

Customer service is top notch, may be a little pricey but the items deserving of the cost.

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