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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
You're excluding so many people with such attitude and BB weights.

They get hot and tired from playing and return for water, snack and reload; get there and don't really feel like walking all the way back now that radio coms are giving bad news. Its unfortunate but true.
you know... it was an idea not a proclaimation.. I am not excluding anyone...

people may choose to not participate because it's too hard.. or they don't feel like doing something different..

The issue is..based on my experience in running HUNDREDS of games most players could care less about artificial game objectives.. Points.. cards objects .. what ever .. most people don't care.. they want to shoot and have opportunties to get kills.

the idea is to limit the commodities that enable that .. so people will fight over those commodities.

I know for a FACT that in every ammo restricted game I've ever run or participated in there were a lot of people who IGNORED the restriction with the excuse that "it affected my "style" of play" so basically they said "screw you .. and screw your rules I'll do what I want" This happens all the time and mostly people turn a blind eye on it. I've seen ON FILM people who hold themselves out as High Cap haters run by a camera hosing from a highcap in a game that specifically banned highcaps.

If the ammo is not controled people will not control themselves they will run highcaps..they will take ammmo onto the field.. they will do everything that is not allowed.

If you want to do a resource limited game then you have to actually limit the resources... Sure this may mean that your brand of ammo may not be used.. it may also mean that you have to shoot with non optimized weights.. but so will every one else.. so its all fair.

I did a game like this last fall.. sure it was a ZOMBIE game.. but still

I limited EVERY THING when the game started there were 3 guns on the field for 45 players and each of those guns had like 30 rounds..

People had to find guns, they had to find flashlights, they had to find ammo .. and when they did .. it was 20- 30 bbs or less at a time. and all the BBs were .20 .. you know what ... no one cared.. they were just damn glad to have something to shoot.

the stress that this caused was real.. the scrambling to find something to defend yourself was intense... the choices to attack or lay low was based on real threat assessments.. ( how many guns do we have.. how much ammo? how many medkits incase we take casualties? ) vs how many they have .. or do we think they have ...

It was by all accounts a great experience even though lots of people played all night with nothing more than a rubber knife.
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