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Your co-worker should be able to fill you in on most details if he's an organized player (is it someone on this forum?)

Your cost estimate isn't bad, but I'd suggest holding off on the sidearm for now: as someone else suggested, get extra mags for your primary and decent gear to carry it, good goggles, etc. Having to carry your stuff with uncomfortable or non-functional gear, or goggles that fog or aren't comfortable, things like that can really make your day suck.

You can usually go to games and check out people's stuff, it'll give you an idea what's out there etc. Your friend/co-worker must also have stuff you can check out.

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
NOTE: You CAN show up to games in a sweatshirt, t-shirt and jeans/cargo pants and either use a hi-cap or mid cap and keep the mags in your pocket or something. Wear white so people know you're a noob .
That's actually pretty frowned upon around here, unless its some little skirmish at Action 500. At least get a pair of ODs from the surplus for $15.
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