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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
and here we go.. so many times the needs of a single individual start to modify the plans for 100.

It's simple.. if you don't want to comply with the conditions set for the game DON'T GO ... don't try to change them to suit you.

it is impossible to satisfy everyone..

for BBs you supply 1 weight . 25 for everyone .. that way everyone is on a even playing field... sure .. maybe your gun runs better on .28 and that is what I really like to run with..

Maybe your finely tuned sniper rifle will only feed .32 g depleted irridium discarding sabot guided bbs ... but in this theater of operation... WE DON'T HAVE THOSE

I think no one would whine if a diet of bastard BBs were offered.. ( well except VA.. maybe )
Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
There would not be any .36 weights Everyone would use the same ammo ..

.25 for example .. or .20 ... whatever the point is if its controled and limited the ammo itself becomes the objective..

it could be possibe to allow different weights.. say for example in a box of supplied ammo there was 500 .25 bbs and 20 .36 ( or whatever )
You're excluding so many people with such attitude and BB weights.

This is not the army, where the ammo is supplied by the same person who supplies the gun. Armies gun = Armies ammo. My gun = my ammo.

To want a "large scale" game that runs 24 hours and then say EVERYONE must have the same BB weight eliminates sniper rifles as you say; there goes a major part of the realism because in real warfare there are snipers.

Now here's the problem, you are forcing people to use ammo that does not agree with their guns. Who is going to cover costs of damages if any by this? Owners choose their brands based on how they operate with their guns, excessive jamming can lead to major malfunctions from destruction of hop up units, nozzles, pistons, mechboxes and can really be devastating. If the game host is to supply all guns and thus damages to guns by guns being "picky" about their ammo tolerances than fine. But as said, my gun = my ammo choice.

Having "ammo dumps" and restricted access to them can be accomplished easily enough. Have a lockable ammo can as a requirement for the game for any member to participate. Have those ammo cans stored in a single box or several large boxes per team if required. This way, access to ammo can be cut off by enemy forces if they take over the "base" or location point of the ammo dump. It also keeps person stashes safe from theft or being lost and having the can clearly marked on who it belongs to would help. So no loose ammo is carried onto the field, but people CAN reload with out returning to staging area's, where the loss of most players happen. They get hot and tired from playing and return for water, snack and reload; get there and don't really feel like walking all the way back now that radio coms are giving bad news. Its unfortunate but true.

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