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Bunch of noobie Q's

Hi, me and my dad used to live in Northern Ireland and had airsofting as a hobbie, but once we moved to Canada we had to sell all our equipments etc. now that we r here in Red Deer Alberta, we want to get back into airsoft again... and i have a bunch of questions to ask and i hope u guys cud help me.

1) I read that airsoft guns in Canada must have clear plastic on it...would it be legal to get rid of the clear plastic and replace it with a something else? or would it be possible to spray paint over the clear area,so its not visible anymore?

2) Is there any airsoft clubs in Red Deer Alberta? if so could you pls provide me with a website.

3) What requirements do you need to be able to participate in games? would a person under the age of 18 be able to participate in events, if their parents are with them playing?

4) Which website is the most reliable to purchase airsoft guns+equipment etc.

thanks in advance
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