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Originally Posted by Troy T. Moore View Post
Not to threadjack, but rather an attempt to elucidate the qualities of the aforementioned charger...

Is there any chance of damage to the battery if left plugged in for a few hours after full charge is reached? Some sources on the "net" say that any "trickle charging" after full charge is reached is not healthy for the battery. That being said, I am sure it is better than a standard wall charger feeding it's current for that extra time.
I have not come across a battery that reacted poorly to a trickle charge after it completely charges. Trickle charging is so low that it should not be an issue with the possible exception of LiPo's but I haven't entered the world of LiPo's just yet.

Now I use a TLP Fuzzy Logic charger and most times I hammer it and start at 4ish amp. It's a smart charger so it slowly decreases output amps as the battery gets fuller. Batteries do get warm when doing this but I don't leave them unattended nor do I leave it to trickle charge once it's done. (usually more batteries to charge right after it)

When I want to charge it unattended I'll set it at 2amps or less and let it go. The NPT only has 2 settings. 0.9 and 1.8 amps. Perfectly safe to leave it going as it's only outputting 50mA.
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