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I have been taking in all the ideas being passed out here and there have been some really good ones. I thank everyone for their input and suggestions, I have been working some of it into the scenario already and it is really adding some wicked twists to the game. Makes me wish I was playing it instead of going to host

As for Wasaga ... I know the place and have played it many many times as well as know the owners too. While it would be an interesting venue I can say without a doubt that this event would never fly there as it is going to be held over an entire weekend. Wasaga would never keep the paintballers off field for the whole weekend as they are their bread and butter.

With that said as I work on the scenario and the logistics it just keeps getting better and better with all the input everyone has provided. I am looking forward to putting this one on and seeing how everyone fairs during the 24 hrs of play. Location for this event will be central Ontario on one of the 4 locations I am looking at right now. With the smallest of the locations being 100 acres in size. Hope to see you all there enjoying yourselves and having a great time.

Thanks again for all your input it is greatly appreciated.

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