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I use a neoprene half mask. Quickly found that i cant breathe too well and googles fog up. I love the protection as 50% on my hits taken are head shots. I opened up the nose for better breathing, as well as widened the mouth holes and added alot more. the mask has about 10 1\16" holes for breathing and i hole punched them out to about 1/8". I added about 10 more hole and it helped alot. I can breath good and googles dont fog anymore. Although 1/8" holes allow that 1 in 100 mouth shot to go through a hole but i cant see it happening while keeping the velocity to cause any damage. I have taken MANY face shots and finnally feel more comfortable playing with this easy mask. Only downside is they start to smell and if you wash them the edges frey up a bit. Mine is maybe 10 games old and looks and smells horrible.
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