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Maybe we could adopt the police way of trowing grenades (flashbangs).

When they trow it normally, they have an eye on where it's generally going to land. One of the tecnique they use before flashing a room, is to first stand near the door, covered by the wall, kneel 90 degree from the door, rotate toward the door frame (now open) and trow underhand while looking in the direction of the trow. Quickly rotating back under cover of the door frame/wall. That take less than a second and insure that the persone trowing the flashbang know where it's going to land. As in, not in a baby crib, not bouncing back on an obstacle and flashing the team.

This could be adapted for us, like Drake said, like the no blind fire rule.

I'd personnally allow blind trow for rooms clearing when you just make the grenade land in the middle of the room that was previously "peaked" or "pie sliced" to insure it's empty or where the ennemy is located. Making sure the room is safe to frag, and not packed full of people resting on their back on the floor.

It could be difficult for outside use to always see where you trow, but the open space and amount of room to operate would limits the danger factor IMO. Just calling it would be enough.

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