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Originally Posted by oOMuDOo View Post
It's a fair tactic IMO. sneaky sneaky....
Indeed it is sneaky and fair in real life but just imagine a game at the Mill (for example) if everybody starts grabbing little pieces lying around and throw them calling GRENADE all the time. It'll become just a question of doing that many times and picking out people who run afterward. Not very tactical/fun. It's such an easy tactic that everybody would do it. It's my personal "airsoft ethics" that prevents me from doing it. It's fun for the thrower, not for all players so it shouldn't happen.

Allow me to tell a short story : The only time it happened to me (a fake grenade) was when we were in a very very intense game. We had managed to pierce the defenses on level 3 at the Mill and managed to consolidate a small beachhand at one of the entrance (one team was holding level 3 and we had to break their defenses, you know how hard that can be at the Mill). We had fought 45+ minutes for that beachhead. We were then gathering the team for a mass charge (you know how long it can be to coordinate everyone). Someone on the other team threw an old black shoe and yelled grenade. Of course we all ran out of our cover (in the heat of the game you see a black thing fly toward you and hear grenade, pretty much all you need to run), hoping to avoid the "grenade" and hoping that some of us would not get shot at and survive. We all got killed and it totally wasted the fun we had in that gun while the other team was just laughing it's ass off.

Never again please.
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