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I was also impressed with TS-One prompt reply.
They said they should be releasing in the next few days a reinforced charging handle for about $15 USD, and 30rds CO2 Magazines should be resealed middle April for about $55 USD.

But I was just as impressed, or even more, with Horizon Tactical, which is the new U.S. retailer/tuner of the WE M4A1 that just opened few days ago.
I received instant replies to many inquiries and my order was processed and ready to ship in matters of minutes. Heck I even got the tracking number in about 10 minutes after placing the order :shock:

Like TS-One they don't have much in terms of replacement parts, but said they should have the newest upgrades around middle of April, including CO2 mags, stainless steel nozzle and the new hop-up system with 6.02 barrel which will make FPS more consistent.

They have the new "Grey" mags which supposedly have improved O-rings, and they also have the Mil-Spec Charging Handle already modified from a real steel charging handle to fit into the WE M4 system, which I think is a really needed upgraded part for the WE M4 as the original one breaks rather easily.
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