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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
it would all work... but the point is .. ammo as Commodity to be captured , managed... defended ...

it has to be limited enough to worth fightig for ... so we would be talking a starting ammo loadout of like 150 rounds for AEG 30 for pistol and 20 for BA.

of course. and then we can scatter the rest of the crates to different bunkers and stuff across the map. each box will contain X number of bags to be distributed amongst the team. again, i think location wise, Wasaga Paintball (the ENTIRE thing) would be perfect. One team can have blackhawk town base, and the other can have the fort in the MIA/POW camp, or can have the city in Western Town and use the MIA/POW as a prison camp for the defending forces. For those of you who have a hard time visualizing what i am talking about, just check this out here:

P.S: click on the field locations to see pics

im suggesting we work something out where we have a MASSIVE game that encompasses ALL the fields. It can be anywhere from $50-$100/person and im sure if we get enough confirmed, we can rent the place for a day and Wasaga will make a profit.
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