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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
Having ammunition stores to fight for, and cans of ammo (weighted) to capture, you could make a stockpile back at base. For instance, if the grunt grabs what he thinks is a can of 200 5.56 (for the sake of argument, all AEG's fire .25), but he read the label wrong and grabs a can of 30 .308 (for the sake of argument, all BA fire .36) when he gets back to base to reload, he can't use the ammunition he brought from the field, because he grabbed ammunition not suitable for his gun. ON THE OTHER HAND, he just resupplied the snipers on his team. Once the ammunition is loaded (and not before hand, so the team still has to carry the cans), the cans go back to game control to be reloaded and put back in the field.

My idea make sense?
I like it, pretty much what I was saying just more informative.
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