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Originally Posted by Sha Do View Post
Hey Rain, let me know when you narrow down a date for this one. My brother may seriously consider your "request", but his work keeps him back and forth to Edmonton, so at this time he cannot commit.

...and as for the game control providing the ammo; not gonna happen if I'm sniping.....'cause I'd hate to see what I'd have to pay for 0.36 weights, especially considering that my bro and I just bought a case last month.

There would not be any .36 weights Everyone would use the same ammo ..

.25 for example .. or .20 ... whatever the point is if its controled and limited the ammo itself becomes the objective..

it could be possibe to allow different weights.. say for example in a box of supplied ammo there was 500 .25 bbs and 20 .36 ( or whatever )
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