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I hope by that he meant parts and gears.

For now just pick up parts and gears. Gun you'll get in Canada.

Heres an approximate price list though (all in CAD)

PTW (used): $2000+
Kraken: $140-180
TM: $500+
JG: $350+
G&G "Combatmachine": $300+
G&G: $450+

Prices will vary depending on what's in the package and upgrades. As for mine I got "lucky" (if you could say that) and picked mine up for $450 (No accessories).

EDIT: While you're down there pick up gear and equipment from surplus stores or whatever. You can bring all that stuff back. You can also bring things like Rails, optics, and upgrade parts back, just don't try to bring back restricted/prohibited parts.

Some stuff to get while in the US:

Mags (except the clear ones with visible dummy rounds)
Pouches for said Rig
External accessories
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